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  • Are you a legal business?
    Yes we absolutely are! We are a registered Limited Liability Company (LLC) with Liability Insurance and pay a lot of taxes. Yay taxes!
  • What precautions are you taking during Covid-19?
    As of Summer 2021 while Las Vegas opens back up, we are still taking the Covid-19 pandemic seriously. The health of us and our clients is a priority. We are currently still wearing masks to every event, limiting our physical interactions with couples and guests, as well as continued care to sanitation. Both Irving and Alyssa are fully vaccinated as of June 2021. If you have any additional questions or requests on Covid-19 precautions feel free to contact us directly.
  • Do you do destination weddings?
    Absolutely! We are based in Las Vegas but we love to travel and capture moments in new and different places! A few places we love to go are California, Arizona, Hawaii, Pureto Penasco, and Japan! Let's chat about where you want to go! Contact us for a custom quote.
  • When would my session incur additional travel fees?
    Additional travel fees will be added on to any wedding over 100 miles roundtrip from our home in Las Vegas. Any locations requiring more then 4 hours of driving roundtrip or would require an overnight stay are considered destination.
  • My family wants to help pay for our photography, can they?"
    Absolutely! Our contracts stay between us and the couple, that includes payment. But anyone who wants to contribute may do so in the form of a giftcard. If contributions exceed your balance they will be turned into credit that you can use to upgrade or purchase additional products. There will be no refunds on giftcards. They may be purchased here.
  • Do you speak any languages besides English?
    Sí, Irving habla español. Irving was raised speaking Spanish. If you or your family speak Spanish, let us know and we will make sure to have Irving on your wedding to gap any language barriers. Alyssa took Japanese in highschool and can still speak some conversational Japanese.
  • Will there be any additional fees if I pay with a credit card?
    An additional 3% surcharge may be applied to your balance.
  • Can I setup payments instead of having to pay everything at once at the final deadline?
    We are definitely willing to work with you if that would be an easier option. We do require your entire retainer upfront to hold your date. Your remaining balance we can setup in monthly payments if you would like. But the balance must be completely paid off by it's due date.
  • What do you do to ensure the safety of our images?
    We do everything in our power to ensure the saftey of your wedding images. On the day of the wedding, we use 2 cards to capture your images. One card is a master that hold JPEG copies of every photo taken, the other holds your high quality images and are switched out as they are filled. After the wedding, we keep the master card OR upload the files as a backup on a secondary drive until the final edited images are uploaded to our website. At that point, we keep the edited photos on a hard drive, and we keep your images archived on our website for a year after the gallery expires. While have a few steps in place for safe keeping, we do only guarentee images for 3 months after delivery, within reason beyond gear and hard drive malfunctions which are out of our control.
  • I would feel more comfortable meeting you prior.
    Totally understandable! If you are in the Las Vegas area, or visiting to scout for you wedding, we would love to make time to meet for coffee and discuss the details. We are also available for a Skype chat so we can talk face to face even if you aren't local to us!
  • I have downtime between wedding events, will I be charged for that time?"
    Yes. Any hours we spend devoted to you, we are not doing other gigs and will need to be compensated for. Chances are during "down time" we will still be busy at work. That allows us time to travel between locations, setup lighting, photograph anything we may be missing, or we may dedicate that time for other photo opportunities such as details, venue shots, etc.
  • What happens if I need you longer then our agreed contracted time?
    We understand sometimes weddings do not run on time due to unforeseen circumstances. If you are in need of additional coverage please let us know and we may be able to stay. We will only stay with verbal consent from the couple so you will be aware of any additional charges. If that happens you will be invoiced the following day for any additional hours over at a rate of $125 an hour. The invoice must be paid before your images will be released to you.
  • How many digital images will I receive?
    This is hard to say as every single session we do is unique. For example weddings will have more images then a posed session per hour. We believe in quality over quantity. We do not give every image we capture, we edit and deliver the best images we have that tell your full story.
  • What rights do I have with my digital images?
    We retain the copyright. When you buy your digital images you are receiving a personal use license. This allows you to reprint images as well as share on social media. This does not allow you to sell your images for profit or publish from your images without written consent and a new license. If you have any questions about what you can/cannot do with your images please just ask us!
  • When will we receive our gallery with our digital images?
    Editing takes time and may be busy with numerous events in a short time frame. Please allow us 4 weeks to edit and deliver your images. If our editing deadline looks any different, we will let you know in advance what to expect. Images will not be delivered if there is an outstanding balance on the digitals.
  • When will we receive our products?
    Your timeline will vary by product and may be delayed if you take a long time to pick your images, but we will be very communicative of expected deadlines. Products will not begin production until all payments are finalized. Albums: Albums require the couple to select images, once that is completed we can start the design process. You are allowed two revisions, and once the final draft of the album is complete you can expect delivery of it in X days. Folio Box: Folio box require the couple to select images to be printed. Once selected the order can be sent in and you can expect deliver of it in X days. Keepsake Box: Keepsake box require the couple to select images, once that is completed we can begin the design process. You are allowed two revisions, and once the final draft of the highlights book is complete you can expect deliver in X days. This item has a longest production period of all our products. Framed Wallart: Once images and sized are selected you can expect them X days after they are ordered.
  • Do your product prices include taxes?
    Yes, our prices do include taxes!
  • Do your products include shipping and handling?
    No, they do no include shipping and handling, that will be an additional fee in your final invoice. The reason is every custom product ordered through us (not including prints and wallart ordered through your digital gallery) is first delivered to us for a quality control check to make sure everything is correct and looks amazing. Also, we do have clients all over the world, so one price would not be fair.
  • What popular locations require a permit or permission prior to the session?
    Please plan accordingly, and contact us in advance about any locations you are interested in. We will only photography certain locations if we get the required permission and permits. Many popular locations around the Las Vegas area require permits or permission and payment prior to the session. These include, just to name a few: Neon Museum, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, Jean Dry Lake Beds, Spring Mountain Ranch.
  • Can you take my photo inside one of the hotels on the Strip?
    We abide by venue rules and requests. Strip tours stay on the boulevard unless we are able to secure permission to shoot on a locations property. For some places this can be done with advance planning or having your wedding at a location where you pay an outside photographer fee to allow us to photograph your wedding. This includes many other locations that require permits or fees. If you have a location in mind, let us know and we will see what we can do.
  • Can we take photos inside the Cosmopolitan? I see images from their location in your portfolio.
    We are currently preferred vendors for the Cosmopolitan. However their photography rules are extremely strict, so we do not have permission to bring our own clients on property outside of scheduled weddings thru the hotel. I can get you in touch with the wonderful ladies who work for their wedding department though if you are interested in a session on property, and we would still be your photographers. Email me if you want to chat!
  • We are getting married at a Vegas wedding chapel! And we want you to be our photographer!
    We abide by all venue rules and policies. Every venue has different policies so there is no clear answer to this question. Some venues have a very strict no outside photography policy. Some chapels will allow you to bring you own photographer for a fee. The fees vary from $150 upwards of over $1000. If you are getting married at a chapel please do not assume we can do your photographs. You and I both do not want any surprises the day of. We ask all clients to clarify with their venue the photography policies and fees. If the location allows it and you are willing to pay the additional fee we will be thrilled and excited to photograph your wedding!

If you have any additional questions contact us!

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