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Location Inspiration: 7 places to elope in Las Vegas

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Sometimes you just want to get away for your wedding and do something more intimate. Known for small elopements and one of a kind experiences, that is what Las Vegas does best! There are a number of wonderful and unique locations to elope, be it just the two of your, or a small group of family and friends. Here are some wonderful options to consider!

If you don't even know where to start on planning your elopement be sure to check out our guide, Elopement 101!

1. Nevada State Parks

Engagement session at Red Rock Canyon | Photo by Mayhew Photo

Many people just think of the bustling city and awesomely cheesy wedding chapels when they consider a wedding in Las Vegas. But Southern Nevada is full of natural beauty! If you love that desert vibe then a local state park may be a contender for your elopement. There is a variety of state parks within 100 miles of the city such as Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire.

Most state parks can be great for a variety of party sizes. But due the environment there is little area for parties or seating without bringing in a third party company for event planning. Some parks limit the amount of weddings that can take place in a day. These location are also outdoors only so be wary of the summer heat when planning.

Permits/Fees: The state parks require permits at varying prices and with different rule sets. If you are looking for just a photo session any photographer can do a session but permits are required. Please do your research or get information from a trusted vendor.

2. Neon Museum

Neon Museum Wedding

Vegas has always shinned bright and dazzled visitors from all around the world. The Neon Museum is a wonderfully unique view of the history of neon signs that have graced Las Vegas since the beginning of it's history. If classic vintage Vegas is your style or you just want a really colorful and photogenic location, this is a wonderful idea for your elopement or a photo session afterwards.

The limitation in one lot is 10, they may be able to accommodate a larger group but I highly recommend having small group here and no children due to the size of the venue and how fragile the signs are. The location is also outdoors only so be wary of the summer heat when planning.

Permits/Fees: The location fee is one of the more expensive, but it is worth it since the location is exclusively your for the time. Fees vary by the amount of time need up to an hour up to $500 for up to 10 people.

3. Las Vegas Sign

Is there anything more iconic in Vegas then the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign? It is known world wide and one of the most visited tourist attractions. The sign was created by Betty Willis in 1959. Sitting at the beginning of the south end of the Strip it is a must for any visitors. If you are not shy in front of a crowd there isn't a more memorable or recognizable location for an elopement.

The sign is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. That means while you are able to show up and do your ceremony, there will be tons of other tourist at the location. Just realize this is a high traffic area and may not be ideal if privacy is requirement for your elopement. While there is a lot of space and room I recommend a small group here because of how packed and busy the area always is.

Permit/Fees: None!

4. The High Roller at the Linq Promenade

The High Roller wedding in Las Vegas | Photo by Irving of Mayhew Photo | Copyright Chapel of the Flowers

Round and round it goes. At the center of the strip sits the world's largest observation wheel, The High Roller. At 550 feet in the air and with 360 degree views of the city, this is an amazing location day or night if Vegas views are what you are after. Capped at 24 people in your cabin, it is a wonderful and one of a kinda location for your elopement. Even with a limited number of people the cabins are small and can become cramped very quickly so I recommend a smaller count then the cap.

Permits/Fees: I am unsure of pricing and restrictions at the moment. Contact the High Roller for rates and information.

5. Symphony Park at The Smith Center

In front of the gorgeous art-deco style performing art theater, the Smith Center, is a small grass park. It is quaint but beautiful, with the main feature being Pipe Dream, a large rainbow art piece made of different sized tubes and views of downtown behind it. The area is beautiful and peaceful if there are no events running at the theater and is a short ride from downtown or the Strip. You will want to plan your elopement before any events while the venue is closed to have a clear and free location for your event and photos around the property.

Permits/Fees: None for outside of the center that I am aware of. I reached out but never received a response. I will try again and update this as soon as possible.

6. Nelson's Landing in El Dorado Canyon

Crashed plane at Nelson's Landing | Photo by Mayhew Photo

Nelson's Landing is a wonderful historical family owned ghost town an hour outside of Las Vegas. The mine was ran until 1945 before it was abandoned. It was abandoned until 1994 when the town was purchased and restored as a tourist attraction and hosts mine tours. Since then, it has been featured in numerous movies and video games. In fact there is a crashed plane remaining on the property that was a prop from the movie 3000 Miles To Graceland. The town is small but full of charm, featuring a garage, gas station, gas vintage and rusted buses, and is surrounded by beautiful desert nature including a cactus garden.

The area is rural and with this in mind be aware of the potential dangers of the location. There are cactus, snakes, bugs, and wild animals in the area. When you arrive for check in they go over safe practices for your visit.

Permit/Fees: There is a $10 an hour charged per photographer or videographer in attendance for your session.

7. In-suite at various locations

In-Suite balcony wedding at the Cosmoplitan | Photo by Mayhew Photo

Vegas has some large and luxurious world-class suites that would make a wonderful location to host your elopement. An in-suit wedding gives you an opportunity to splurge on your stay while in town and keep things simple with one central location. Hotels vary by size, style, and budget.

An few examples of some greats suites to specifically host an elopement in are the Wrap Around Terrace at the Cosmopolitan, the MGM Skyline Terrace, One Eight Suite at Red Rock Canyon, various Penthouses at The Palms and Palms Place, and a penthouse at Nobu. You can DIY the in-suite event, hire a planning service, or plan directly through the hotel of choice.

Permit/Fees: Prices vary greatly by the nightly rental cost for the suite depending on size, season, and even day of the week. For large suites expect to pay a pretty penny, but you may be potentially saving money in other areas since it will be your hotel and venue all in one.

No matter where you choose to elope, Las Vegas has so much variety for any couple's style. Hopefully this helped you figure out what avenue to take and we would love to be there to capture the moments if you are in search of a photographer. Best of luck in your planning!

If you are in need of photography for your big day be sure to contact us for some information!

xoxo Aly

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