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Things to consider while planning a wedding during Covid-19

The C-Word. I know, it is scary. Sometimes it just seems easier to put your head in the sand and leave your wedding date up to fate! Will it happen? Won't it?

I am here to just give you some insight from a wedding professional on things to expect planning during and post Covid-19. It isn't an easy subject to tackle, especially with all the unknowns. While I am writing this we are still in the thick of it. But I just wanted to give you some things to consider, in hopes that it will make your planning and exceptions a bit easier.

1. Booking everything earlier then usual.

With so many 2020 weddings being postponed, wedding vendors in 2021 are going to have their hands full which means they may book up sooner and quicker then usual. The reality of all the postponed weddings is that vendors may be fitting 2 years of wedding seasons into one. This includes venues photographer alterations etc.

The best thing you can do is figure out what the most important aspects of your wedding, such as a venue or cater, for example. And if you have someone in particular you want you need to lock them down, fast! Or your other option is to be flexible as your original date may be taken or you may need to consider a weekday wedding instead.

2. Expecting limitations on guests lists.

Event sizes are limited in many states at the moment, which is expected throughout 2020 and possibly into 2021. For some couples, this may mean you need to postpone, cut your guest list down significantly, or adjust your wedding vision.

One thing to consider is eloping and throwing a big reception once restrictions have been lifted. Stream your wedding live or hire a videographer to create a beautiful video to share later. How beautiful would it be to play your video and then have your grand entrance into your reception? I can see it now! It is also another wonderful excuse to wear your wedding attire more then once!

If you want to stream the wedding you have many options such as Zoom, Facebook Live, Google, Youtube Live. There are a few dedicated apps as well Wedfuly has also teamed up with Zoom for virtual wedding services. Or see if your venue offers a live streaming service. Please remember to live stream you need a good internet connection so this option may not be available in some destinations like Valley of Fire.

3. Every state may have different rules and regulations moving forward.

Do your homework or get in touch with your trusted local vendors for updates on rules and regulations. Every state is at different stages of reopenings and taking different precautions. As of writing this in July 2020 in Nevada for phase 2, public and private gatherings are limited to no more then 50 people with social distancing practices in place. Our Governor has also mandated masks to be worn. These rules may become looser or more restrictive, they can change daily. So please again have flexibility based on the situation and follow all the rules that are in place for your and everyone elses safety.

4. Read your vendors contract's and ask about policies regarding Covid-19.

Contracts, oh boy how boring are they to read! But I insist, read your vendor contracts to see how something like a health crisis may affect you should this cause another issue in 2021. Contracts are in place to protect both parties and lay out all the guidelines of your agreement between each other. With how unexpected this year has been, it is good to be informed on how your vendors will deal with this crisis, or any other events that may affect your wedding. They are full of important information, but they should also outline refunds, reschedules, etc. Also don't be shy to ask questions if you do not understand something.

5. Consider insuring your wedding for the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

Wedding insurance is a thing. And depending on how much money you are investing on your special day, it may be the right option for you. But just like your vendor contracts read the contracts fine print to make sure it would cover your for the Covid-19 pandemic if things take another bad turn in the future. Not all insurance is created equal and with how widespread the damage Covid is doing to the wedding industry.. Check, check, and triple check you are covered.

The main takeaway for all of you brave and wonderful 2020 and 2021 couples is flexibility. Because you may need a ton of it. This is definitely the year of resilience among couples, keep strong and let's get thru all of this together.

xoxo Aly

For the latest information in Las Vegas and Nevada you can go to the government's website or check out local news. 

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