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Castle Noland San Luis Obispo | Josalin and Joseph's Fairytale Central California Wedding

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Fairly tale wedding at Castle Noland in San Luis Obispo

Their Story

A year prior to meeting Joseph, I was living in Las Vegas and my best friend met him at a young adults church group on the Central Coast. Joseph had asked her to go to coffee and after their first coffee date she called me saying “Hi, so he was a really nice guy, but he’s definitely your type”. I laughed because my best friend and I are polar opposites so I knew there was no way that would work out. Meanwhile, in Vegas one of my co-workers walked into work and I knew instantly that my best friend and him needed to meet. She came to visit me a few weeks later and I introduced them and they are now engaged to be married.

Fast forward one year, I accepted a job position on the Central Coast and I meet Joseph at the same church group. We went to coffee and he wasted no time asking me out. On our first day date, I was in charge of coordinating my work’s position in the local Christmas Parade and Joseph stayed to help me set everything up and walked in the parade with me. In Joseph’s words “that was the best date I’ve ever been on, there was no time for any awkward silences”.

Joseph and I were on our second date. He took me on a long drive to see the view at the Ragged Point Inn and Resort and to the Cambria Christmas Market. We were watching the sunset go down at Ragged Point and he asked me to be his girlfriend, but before he let me give my final answer he told me his life goals and asked if I had any I wanted him to know that was important to me for my life. At that point, I was sicker than I had ever been. I had been to the hospital multiple, did so many tests, saw so many different doctors, tried a thousand different supplements and I still didn’t have any answers. I told him I had no idea if or when this would ever end for me and I didn’t want to bring him into the emotional and financial burden of it. He responded with “I think God will take care of it and the money doesn’t bother me”

We were engaged 5 months later and married in another 5 months. Long story short, ladies find yourself a man that’s willing to “parade you around”.

After our wedding I was in bed recovering from getting my gallbladder removed. Joseph, my loving husband, helped me physically and mentally get through the worst of the recovery. We don’t know if this surgery will fix everything and we’re not sure how long it’ll take me to recover completely. I do know, my husband will stand with me in all trials of life and hold my hand through it. I do know that 2019 was the hardest year of my life, but Joseph’s friendship encouraged me to keep trying. Most of all, I do know I’ll never debate if I made the right choice for a spouse.

The Wedding

As a previous wedding planner and current wedding coordinator, I wanted my wedding to be inspired by me and my amazing husband. My husband and I love storytelling. Our story was nothing short of a Seinfeld inspired romantic comedy and I wanted to recreate my favorite moments in life with him. From the coffee cart representing our very first coffee date to every sparkly sequin in the table runners representing how life became more sparkly when I accidentally told him I loved him in a TJ Maxx parking lot and completely humiliated myself. The Disney inspired font, Friends themed decor and purposely placed fairytale lanterns were all intentional representation about who we are as individuals. The venue, Castle Noland is San Luis Obispo California, being a castle was just icing on our cupcakes to represent that our love is extravagant for each other and that I found my prince charming in the midst of this ordinary life.

Venue: Castle Noland | Wedding Planner: Josalin Harter | Day of Coordinator: Sonja Hopps | Makeup Artist: Glitz and Glam - Makeup By Doris | Hairstylist: Chaney Alexis Hair | Caterer: Cafe Jaffa | Coffee Cart: Coffee Diva | Decor Artist: Lauren Eubanks | Photographer: Mayhew Photo | Videographer: Camera Obscura Studio

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